Sunday Morning

Visiting a church for the first time is always a little nerve wracking.  With all the questions that come to mind, it would be nice to have some answers before walking into a sanctuary full of unfamiliar faces. Hopefully this

page will supply some answers for those questions.

What activities take place on Sunday Morning?

Each Sunday starts with Choir rehearsal at 8:30.  This is open to all members who desire to make a joyful noise and help lead the congregation in biblical worship. Following Choir some men join with the Pastor in his study for prayer.  This time is spent seeking the Lords direction for the days events.  Sunday School then begins at 9:45.  There are classes for all age groups to study the Bible and learn together while encouraging one another in the Lord.  Our Corporate Worship Service begins immediately after Sunday School.  This is a time to gather as a body of believers to bring Song, Prayer, and Offerings before our Lord as well as Hear from His Word.  Nursery is provided for infants to Pre-K.  Children Kindergarten to 3rd grade Worship in the Corporate gathering and are then dismissed to Children's Church where they study the Bible together on their level.

How Should I Dress?

This may be the number 1 question asked before visiting a new church.  At FBC we encourage you to come as you are most comfortable.  You will see all sorts of dress in our congregation, from Suits and Dresses to Jeans and T-Shirts.  

Will I be singled out as a Visitor?

Standing up in a crowded room and having everyone look at you is not how you want to remember your first visit to a church.  We will recognize you as a first time visitor by asking you to fill out an information card and placing it in the offering plate.  You will not be singled out publicly in any way. Some of our members will welcome you individually to make you feel at home and comfortable.

What kind of music will there be?

This is perhaps the second most popular question when visiting a church. We all have our preferences of music.  Whether we like Traditional Hymns with a powerful organ, Southern Gospel with a harmonizing quartet or Contemporary Worship Music with guitars and drums, we all have our likes and dislikes.  At FBC we worship in many ways with many types of music.  Most Sundays there will be blend of styles of music allowing everyone to worship with songs and styles that are comfortable to them.  We use songs that date back to early Church times and that are as modern as today.  What you can count on is that we as a congregation will engage in Biblical Worship.